Charitky helped Bára- she is one step closer to a happier life

Charitky helped Bára- she is one step closer to a happier life

Prague, June 6, 2012: Bára is 11 years old and she didn’t heard her mother‘s voice until recently, as same as she wasn’t able to hear a flute, which she plays now. When she was 11, she obtained a hearing aid. Today, it is difficult to exactly say what went wrong and led to the impairment. Bára is a very clever girl, when she didn’t hear, she learnt how to lip-read. It lasted many years until the family visited a doctor, who established the right diagnosis and gave Bára hope for a better quality of life. It is certain that her hearing will not get better in the future, however, the quality of life could be improve by a receiver/transmitter Scola with accessories, which will allow Bára to communicate better and develop her skills and musical talent.

Bára’s family’s financial situation is very strained; every spending saddles them a lot. Purchases of hearing aids or braces for Bára really affected the family’s budget recently.

The Scola system offered by Widex costs 45,700 CZK. Bára’s parents were able to provide 38,000 CZK from their and other resources, however, there was still missing 7,700 CZK. Therefore, they asked the charitable foundation Dobrý skutek for help. So that, Bára became one of the children clients of this founfation.

A posted story on also attracted a doctor of an ENT company named JanMed, s r.o., that’s why she decided to donate 1,810 CZK to Bára through Charitky. This amount of money is equal to 10 percent of the total price of the original promotional item Charitky, which JanMed used for its own personalized business message. Moreover, there were others who also contributed money and Bára’s parents could finally buy her a receiver/transmitter Scola, a product of Widex.

We wish Bára lots of success and experiences in futher discovering the world.

Miriam Janyšková
The CEO of the project Charitky


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