RWE Company again used Charitky project for supporting children

RWE Company again used Charitky project for supporting children

Four children included in a project ‘Podporuj mě...’ (‘Support me...’) gained a financial support from RWE, the electricity and gas company, that through Charitky donated to an account of an association ‘Dejme dětem šanci’.

Charitky thanks to RWE made a contribution of 18.200 CZK to the civil society organisation ‘Dejme dětem šanci’ depositing it in a bank account of the project ‘Podporuj mě...’ (‘Support me...’). The entire amount of money was equally divided under variable symbols of the four particular kids. These funds will be used according to a program of a long-term financial backing for children during their living in an orphanage. Once they reach adulthood and leave their orphanage, money will be available for them to make easy their beginning of an independent life. The organisation DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI is a guarantee of an efficient use of money.

The total amount of money could be used for example on rent payments, furnishings or financing further studies or it could be paid gradually each month.

In addition, RWE Company earlier supported through project Charitky a non-profit organisation Plaváček.


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