Charitky sent children from Plaváček a wind in sails

Charitky sent children from Plaváček a wind in sails

We were truly pleased to receive a thank-you letter from a non-profit organisation ‘Plaváček’ (you could find its whole version in Czech at the end of this article)

This year, Charitky thanks to RWE Company and Inner Winner Institute donated to a number of talented childen included in a project of the non-profit organisation ‘Plaváček’ – VÍTR DO PLACHET (‘The Wind in Sails’). RWE concerned with 91% of the final amount of money and Inner Winner donated the remaining 9%.

For several years the organisation ‘Plaváček’ has been helping talented and gifted children from orphanages and socially disadvantaged families to develop their natural talent. Thus, it helps them fulfil not only their basic desires for an accomplishment but also their brave dreams about success.

Furthermore, for children of the project VÍTR DO PLACHET is not just a material and financial help being found, but also their needs in such domains as music, drama, arts and dance as well as sport and study are supported.

Charitky with all enthusiasm participated in the support of gifted kids and thanks to RWE Company and Inner Winner Institute Charitky provided these children with such a necessary ‘wind in sails’. We also supported a group of boys who are interested in a Brazilian sport called capoeira. A donation was also given to Tereza, Jaroslav and Patrik whose life passion became dancing. In addition, Robin and Eliška, both gifted musicians, can more develop their talent as well. The total amount of money sent to support children from Plaváček was 20.530 CZK.


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