Charitky Project and Kapka naděje for ill children

Charitky Project and Kapka naděje for ill children

A foundation fund Kapka naděje is another organisation involved in the Charitky project The support through Charitky always aims directly at a particular project for ill children. The intention is to alleviate an extraordinary life situation of children who suffer from hematologic disorders, cancer diseases or a condition treated with bone marrow transplantation.

The foundation fund Kapka naděje was established in September 2000 based on life experiences of Mrs. Vendula Svobodová. Kapka Naděje helps ill children in many domains- it supports a children’s clinic of haematology and oncology, a cord blood bank and a program of long-term education for chronically ill kids. Moreover, Kapka naděje buys diagnostic medical devices and other equipments, holds curative stays and also provides psychological help for children and their families during the whole period of treatment and after its end. Since 2002, the support has spread to hospitals all over the Czech Republic.

For more information about particular projects and other activities of the foundation fund Kapka naděje visit the website

A foundation fund Kapka naděje

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