Charitky ensured a support for other children

Charitky ensured a support for other children

Four children from a program 'Podporuj mě...' ('Support me...') received thanks to the Charitky project and RWE Company a donation into their bank accounts.

The total amount of money will be given them when they leave an orphanage as a support for the beginning of their independent life. This period of life will be without functional family really difficult for them. However, one of the possibilities of making this step easier is a contribution into their bank accounts which were opened on the basis of the project 'Podporuj mě...' The organisation ‘Dejme dětem šanci’ is a guarantee of an efficient use of money.

Thanks to cooperation with RWE we have currently supported these four children:

Honza (16-year-old) – Honza is an ordinary 16-year-old boy who attends secondary vocational school, a metal cutting course. He is hard-working, interested in sports and computer games. What’s more, he has a big sense of humour and doesn’t ruin any joke. Nevertheless, he is not fortunate to live and grow up in a contented family.

Isabela (12-year-old) – Isabela is only twelve years old and she is not aware of the fact that there will come a day when she has to take care of herself. She lives in an orphanage since her babyhood and she doesn’t have any contact with her biological family. At present, she is most interested in dancing, painting and sport. She likes helping in the kitchen and she actively participates in orphanage’s events.

Honza (15-year-old) – He is really popular in his orphanage and he has a talent for perhaps all sports. The most he likes cycling, climbing and his great passion is geocaching. In the orphanage he lives with his two siblings, they don’t have any contacts with their parents.

Honza (16-year-old) – Honza is 16-year-old and he has been living in an orphanage since he was 3-year-old??? He characterizes himself as a poetry lover. He reads poetry written by different authors and it inspires him to write his own poems. He studies to become a vehicle mechanic and his dream is to stay in the orphanage as a driver and maintenance man.

Each of the children obtained a financial contribution 4.550 CZK thanks to sale of original promotional items. The total amount of money could be used for example on rent payments, furnishings or financing further studies or it could be paid gradually each month.


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