Good Deed for Tadeáš with a contribution from Charitky

Good Deed for Tadeáš with a contribution from Charitky

Charitky and a company AC Nielsen continued their earlier cooperation and another donation went to the civic society organization ‘Dobrý skutek’(‘Good Deed’), particularly into a bank account of Tadeáš Zich.

Little Tadeáš suffers from cerebral palsy (spastic triplegia). He has affected three limbs, both legs and right arm, he is not able to walk, he moves with a support of his walking frame, or crawls and clambers, moreover, he needs to be looked after all the time. Also, his ability to articulate is affected by a damage of rough and smooth motor coordination, attenuation of orofacial muscles and, unfortunately, he also suffers from sight damage. His mother, a single parent, tries hard to provide Tadeáš the best possible care. She requested ‘Dobrý skutek’ to help.

A good deed on behalf of Tadeáš is a payment of a rehabilitation stay in the ADELI Centre in Piesťany, the Slovak Republic. The cost of the stay is 75.000 CZK, and 85 % has been already collected through 19 donators. Thanks to the cooperation with AC Nielsen Charitky could donate to Tadeáš’s bank account 3.500 CZK.


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