Charitky and T-Mobile supported talented children from Plaváček

Charitky and T-Mobile supported talented children from Plaváček

Charitky celebrates a success of financial support for needy children. This time, we together with T-Mobile gave support to talented children from a programme “Vítr do plachet” of a fundraising fund Plaváček.

The project VÍTR DO PLACHET supports development of children who can’t fully use their gifts and talents because of their social conditions. The aim of the project is an intensive search for talented children from socially disadvantaged groups, permanent professional supervision over the development of their talent and maximum support of the realization of all their needs.

Thanks to the cooperation with T-Mobile Charitky was able to give 37,400 CZK to the fundraising fund Plaváček. This amount of money will be immediately used for a support of a couple of talented children. Most of them devote themselves to dance, from modern hip hop, over ballroom dancing to Irish folk dances. Other children play musical instruments, sing or devote their time to art.

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