We help children with their start of an independent life

We help children with their start of an independent life

Other children involved in a programme “Podporuj mě” ensured by the organization Dejme dětem šanci gained a contribution for a better beginning of an independent adult life out of an orphanage.

This time, thanks to the cooperation between Charitky and a travel agency Periscope Skandinávie we were able to send 14,350 CZK on the bank accounts of some children from a project “Podporuj mě” (“Support me”).

Leaving an orphanage and joining ordinary life bring to barely adult teenagers without any family background a lot of problems. That’s the reason why the civil society organization Dejme dětem šanci announced a programme “Podporuj mě”, in which financial supports for particular children are collected and they will be available for them when they leave their orphanage. Money will be helpful for furnishing their home, paying rent etc. It was one of many occasions when Charitky thanks to original promoting items and social responsibility of partner companies was able to gain a financial support for just such children.

Periscope Skandinavie

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