A support for children from orphanages on their road to adulthood

A support for children from orphanages on their road to adulthood

Their childhood is not as worry-free as it is supposed to be and all of a sudden it ends. Although formally they are adults, they are still children. According to law, the highest amount that they can obtain for their start is 15.000 CZK. They don’t have anything, they don’t know any example of a functional household, they don’t have a place where they could come back and they have to take care of themselves. Can you imagine your children in a similar situation? In this point of view, it would seem money is one of the smallest things we can offer them, but it will help more than you could even imagine!

Project Charitky in a cooperation with T-Mobile company donated to five children from a programme "Podporuj mě..." 37.400 CZK, this amount was equally divided between them.

This contribution was deposited in a bank account of the project "Podporuj mě..." under variable symbols of particular children and when they leave an orphanage money will be given them to make their beginning of an independent life easier.

The biggest dream of eighteen-year old Ester is to stand on a theatre stage and enjoy applause from spectators. Unfortunately, the reality is different. She only has an occasional contact with her grandmother, and she is well aware that when she leaves an orphanage she will have to take care of herself. Therefore, she welcomed the possibility to take part in the project “Podporuj mě...”

This year, Lucie will take a leaving exam and leave her orphanage. She is determined, sensible and really friendly. However, soon she will have to face up to a hard fact that she will start an independent life without any background of a functional family. The participation in the project “Podporuj mě...” is one of welcoming possibilities to help her overcome this difficult period of her life.

Seventeen-year old Simona is nice, calm and very hard-working young lady. She is interested in music, movies and she also likes working on a computer. She attends technical high school of gastronomy and she really likes it. Simona participates in a programme “Podporuj mě...” so that her leaving will be little bit easier thanks to financial support.

Tomáš attends the second year on college of social justice. He is a cheerful, friendly and outgoing boy. In the orphanage he is since he was three-years old and he doesn’t have any contact with his biological family. He knows very well that when he leaves his orphanage in two years, it will not be simple for him.

Josef likes playing sport, listen to music and work on a computer. He is aware of the importance of education, that’s why he decided that after he finishes apprentice training centre, he will continue studying and take a leaving exam. Afterwards, he will have to leave his orphanage. He knows well that it will be for him a hard task without help from family.

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