An acknowledgment from a hospice Plamienok

An acknowledgment from a hospice Plamienok

Veronika Trulíková, a project manager of a hospice Plamienok, sent us an acknowledgment for arranging a support for running their institution and a video.

By virtue of a help from your clients terminally ill children can be at home with their family and families and children who have lost someone close to them can visit a counselling centre. We would like to thank you a lot on behalf of all children and families.

PLAMIENOK is a non-profit organisation that helps terminally ill children and their families. Thanks to donators Plamienok can provide free medical, social and psychological services to these families directly in their homes.

Allow me to thank you all for your trust in the project Charitky also by the words of a doctor Mrs. Jasenková in a video attached below.


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