A contribution for Kubík from Charitky and Generali

A contribution for Kubík from Charitky and Generali

Charitky in cooperation with Generali Pojišťovna gained a contribution of 22.795 CZK for a rehabilitation stay for four-year-old Kubík. A cheque was handed over on the 11th of September during an annual evening of a non-profit organisation Dobrý skutek witch was held at Letenský zámeček. On the photo from the left: Miriam Janyšková (a director of the Charitky project), Renata Werlíková (Geneali), Barbora Hrubá and Hana Bořánková (Dobrý skutek).

Jakub Navara was born was born premature at 25 weeks gestation. Not only he was very little (his weight was only 780 grams), but also from the very beginning of his life he had to fight severe medical complications.

In these days, Kubík is almost four years old. He is a tiny little boy, who weighs only 12 kg and there are still a lot of problems. Thanks to sponsors Kubík has already had two possibilities to participate in a rehabilitation stay in ADELI centre in Piešťany. It is a private medical facility that is specialized in rehabilitation for patients suffering from CP (cerebral palsy).Results of the centre are excellent, but due to the fact that it is the private facility, health insurance companies do not contribute to this therapy, and so that's why it would not be financially attainable for Kubík's family to repeat this successful treatment without help from others.

We are glad that we could through a non-profit organisation Dobrý skutek together with Generali Pojišťovna a.s. donate on Kubík's bank account and so that bring closer another beneficial stay in the rehabilitation centre.

Dobrý skutek

Generali Pojišťovna a.s.

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