We support talented singer Zuzka

We support talented singer Zuzka

Project Charitky in cooperation with a company Total donated 6.000 CZK to Zuzka. This amount of money will be deposit in a bank account of the project “Podporuj mě...” with Zuzka’s variable number and it will be withdrawn when she leaves her orphanage. The guarantor of an efficient use of the saved funds is a civic association Dejme dětem šanci.

Zuzka is 16 years old and she has been living in an orphanage since she was 2 years old. She attends a second year of hairdressing apprentice. But she has already decided that she would like to take leaving exams. Singing is her great hobby and she is really talented. She twice won a competition “Nejmilejší koncert” (“Favorite concert”) that is held between orphanages. Zuzka has one dream… that one day someone will take notice of her abilities and support her. Zuzka cannot rely on her biological family, that’s why she is included in the project “Podporuj mě...”



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