Charitky and Volkwagen again donated to Linka bezpečí

Charitky and Volkwagen again donated to Linka bezpečí

In the area of Bohnice’s park, where Safety Line (Linka bezpečí) has its premises, a symbolic cheque for 32 850 CZK was handed over. From the hands of Jan Čermák representing Volkswagen and Miriam Janyšková, a director of Charitky, it was given to Richard Schinko, a diector of Linka bezpečí.

“The total amount of 32 850 CZK, which we gained from Charitky, is for Linka bezpečí a welcomed contribution. By virtue of it we can make 68 phone calls with children in difficult and crisis situations,” said Richard Schinko.

The calling children deal with various problems – calls regarding for example battered child syndrome, love and relationships problems, sexuality and sexual maturation, family relationships, problems in relationships with their peers, bullying and problems at school.

Linka bezpečí


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