Extra hours of care for Monička

Extra hours of care for Monička

In summer, Monička celebrated her 6th birthday and it is the 4th year since she has started to attend a respite service of Klub Hornomlýnská in Centrum Filipovka. By virtue of Charitky and a company MORIS design and their contribution of 3 538 CZK Monika will be able to attend full 40 hours of the respite service in addition.

Monička was born in July 2007 as a healthy baby girl, but soon disorders in her development and especially in motor skills have arisen. During two years there were various medical tests and hospitalisations, until doctors came with a final diagnosis: mitochondrial encephalopathy (metabolic-genetic disease), sever psychomotor retardation, microcephaly and epilepsy.

After an initial period of intensive care of little Monička, parents have increasingly noticed dauther’s strong social contact and curiosity and at that time they obtained an information about respite service of Klub Hornomlýnská, which children can attend since they are 2 years old. Monička started to visit the respite service in the autumn of 2009.

Klub Hornomlýnská

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