RWE again supports children through Charitky

RWE again supports children through Charitky

RWE company decided to use for a communication of its long-term project ‘Energie českého lyžování’ (‘The Energy of Czech Skiing’) an original promotional item Charitky. RWE supported not only Czech sport but through Charitky also children.

An original promotional item in a form of Charitky enabled RWE to effectively propagate one of its important activities and also fulfil a socially responsible behaviour. So that the Charitky’s social overlap exclusively corresponds with a project, which also includes support of sports development of children.

RWE – The Energy of Czech Skiing is a unique project to support the development of recreational skiing, it was started by companies of RWE Group in the Czech Republic in 2005.

An important part of this project is to support education and sports for children and youth. RWE Group is in premises of every partner it cooperates with, RWE is a partner of local ski school.


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