Our Child Foundation in a Charitky project

Our Child Foundation in a Charitky project

Our Child Foundation is an important concept in helping tortured, abused and in other ways threatened children. It was established in 1993 and for almost 20 years it has been associated with a name of its founder Mrs. Zuzana Baudyšová and then with a project Safety Line.

The foundation eventually expanded its activities to include disabled and abandoned children from socially disadvantaged families. The foundation supports, via grant proceedings, dozens of civic associations and day care centres which take care of disabled children. In addition, it finances selected activities for children from children’s homes around the country and processes individual applications for urgent assistance provided to disabled and at-risk children.

Since 2005 the foundation operates the Legal Aid Line which helps families and children in crisis situations. Lawyers employed by the Legal Aid Line provide free-of-charge legal consultations in the field of family law and child protection. Due to the increasing popularity of the Internet and its negative aspects, the foundation is also concerned, since 2007, with the elimination of child pornography on the Internet by operating the so-called Internet Hotline.

The foundation’s key long-term activities also include edification in the field of child protection. The foundation sees child protection as a public issue. Every single person may, and should, do what they can. Therefore, the foundation offers educational programmes aimed at positive parenting.

Every year the Our Child Foundation confers on notable child protectors the annual Golden Heart Award. The Golden Heart Award is dedicated to the founder of child psychology in the Czech Republic, Professor Zdeněk Matějíček. It has so far been awarded to Czech ombudsman Pavel Varvařovský, director of the Crisis centre for children Zora Dušková, founder of the "babybox" project Ludvík Hess, Chairwoman of the Fund for Children in Need Marie Vodičková, psychologist Jiřina Prekopová or illustrator and author of the famous cartoon character "The Mole" (Krteček) Zdeněk Miler etc.

Director of the Our Child Foundation Zuzana Baudyšová frequently appears in the media or at discussion panels and forums in the Czech Republic and abroad to talk about the protection of the rights of children. As a member of the Committee for the Rights of the Child of the Government Council for Human Rights she offers her experience to improve the protection of human rights in the Czech Republic.

Our Child Foundation


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