Contribution for children from an orphanage to a ticket to adulthood

Contribution for children from an orphanage to a ticket to adulthood

Their childhood is not as carefree as it should be. In a few years they will be officially adults, leave their orphanage and will have to stand their ground in independent adult life. Unfortunately, without help from relatives and without a functional family background. Thanks to the financial contribution from Charitky, hopefully Dáša, Natálka, Miloslava, Lukáš a Matěj will have at least a little bit easier starting position. The total amount of CZK 51,300 ceremonially handed over in the Unhošť’s orphanage will be equally divided between five children.

Miriam Janyšková, the founder of the program Charitky, could handed over the contribution to children thanks to a company T-Mobile that to promote its autumn campaign „Podporujeme dobré věci“ („We support good things“) used as a promotion Charitky- mini dragees in a patented, telescopically opening container. A cheque for a donated amount was officially handed over to non-profit organisation Dejme dětem šanci that supports children from orphanages. Money has been deposited in a bank account under the variable symbols of each child. DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.p.s. is a guarantee of an efficient use of money.

Dáša (14 year-old), Natálka (15 year-old), Miloslava (14 year-old), Lukáš (14 year-old) a Matěj (14 year-old) are included in a program „Podporuj mě…“ It is a project of a long-term financial support for a child during its stay in an orphanage, the deposited money will be available after leaving the orphanage and it will facilitate the beginning of its independent life. The saved amount can be spent for example on rent payments, furnishings or financing further studies or it could be paid gradually each month.

In the photo from left to right: Miriam Janyšková – Charitky, Jiří Beránek – a director of the Unhošť’s orphanage, Michal Dvorský – a representative of T-Mobile, Dáša – supported young lady, Ivana Veselá - DDŠ, Lukáš – supported boy and Michaela Chovancová – DDŠ


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