Charitky and MORIS design provided a contribution for Stella

Charitky and MORIS design provided a contribution for Stella

Stella is a four years old girl, born with bilateral severe hearing impairment which is combined with other developmental disorders. Currently she attends a special nursery school for the hearing impaired.

Parents make significant efforts for Stella to indulge her in the utmost care, therefore they turned for help to a personal assistant who accompanies Stella and provides her with necessary physical and psychical support for the duration of her stay in the nursery school. Due to the personal assistant little Stella experiences many happy times, new impulses and adventures in a group of children, peers are for her a motivation for further progress.

Charitky due to the company MORIS design contributed CZK 5,040 to Stella for the personal assistant. This was already the second time when the company joined the project. ‘Since last year, we have been supporting Charitky that intrigued us especially by the targeting to particular child in combination with the possibility of showing our offer on its box,’ says Radomír Klofáč, an executive director of the company MORIS design.

The financial means were handed over to Stella through the Tamtam Centre for children hearing (Centrum pro dětský sluch Tamtam).

Centrum pro dětský sluch Tamtam

MORIS design

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