A contribution to Denis for socio-therapeutic program

A contribution to Denis for socio-therapeutic program

Thirteen-year-old Denis is exceptionally intellectually gifted boy, though socially disadvantaged and with social handicap.

Denis is exceptionally intellectually gifted boy who needs support in his difficult life situation. His extraordinary high IQ (above 130) ranked him in “classical” school among troublemaking children, because he was naughty, disturbed and was bored. Fortunately, he had to move with his mother to his grandmother and his closest school became a primary school ZŠ nám. Curierových (Prague 1). Due to liberality of local teachers who systematically devote themselves to issues of intellectually gifted children, Denis was provided by a visit in a pedagogical-psychological counselling. There was really confirmed the cause of his nonconformist behaviour in his especial intelligence. Unfortunately, his family background cannot support him in further educational development and in strengthening interpersonal relationships. Because of social reasons he is together with his mother entirely depended on income of grandmother. His grandmother simply cannot pay him an after-school activity that he would enjoy and where he would acquire new friends and belonging to a group of peers.

Charitky will support Denis by CZK 6,450 and thanks to ARC-Robotics by CZK 4,200 and K+K Hotels by CZK 2,250. Of the funds will be paid boy’s staying at a summer camp which is organised by a civic society Anima – a therapy within a socio-therapeutic program “Závislí na závislých” (“Dependent on dependents”) and school supplies for the next school year.

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