Charitky introduces a new form of socially responsible communication

Charitky introduces a new form of socially responsible communication

Charitky on September presented a novelty within the scope of socially responsible communication. The current form of advertising item was extended to include an original instrument of internal communication of corporate values. In this new form are strengthen both moral values of employees and children supported by Charitky.

A socially responsible program Charitky was newly used for a communication of corporate values of ING Životní pojišťovna. Packages with mini dragees, of whose price is 12% donated to help children and support their development, present on their wrapping corporate values of ING. For its distribution in seats of ING company in the Czech and Slovak Republic Charitky chose special stands designed and produced by MORIS design.

Even the whole system of this new way of distribution is based on strengthening of moral values. ING Charitky are placed in stands freely and it is everyone’s responsibility to drop an appropriate amount of money into a side pocket while removing a Charitky package. Stands have an area where it is possible to communicate corporate values. This area can be varied and used for different statements regarding the content of stands.

ING Životní pojišťovna

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