A contribution for children from Klokánek

A contribution for children from Klokánek

Four children from Klokákek in Hostivice will receive a contribution to their interests and hobbies. Thanks to Charitky siblings Honzík and Evička and their friends Maksym and Kevin will be able to devote themselves to their likings for football, sport games, boxing, English and arts.

On January 20, 2015 Charitky during an official Mary Kay’s conference handed a symbolic cheque over to Klokánek Hostivice, which is under the auspices of the Fond ohrožených dětí (The Fund of Children in need). The total amount of the contribution that will be divided among the children is CZK 10,752. Mary Kay used Charitky for a presentation of all of its socially responsible activities whose cute partners are penguins Miki and his friend Kimi.

The symbolic cheque was handed over to Mrs. Marie Vodičková from The Fund of Children in need and Mrs. Leona Koutenská, a head of Klokánek Hostivice. The cheque was handed over by Mrs. Barbora Chuecos, the general manager of Mary Kay, and Mrs. Miriam Janyšková, the founder of Charitky.

In the photo from left to right: Barbora Chuecos, Leona Koutenská, Marie Vodičková and Miriam Janyšková

Fond ohrožených dětí (The Fund of Endangered Children)

Mary Kay

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