Help for Viktorie and Dan

Help for Viktorie and Dan

The cooperation of Charitky and a company ROSSMANN brought through a Nadace Naše dítě (Our Child Foundation) a contribution for Viktorie and Dan.

Five-year-old Viktorie lives with her family in a Liberec region. She suffers from epilepsy and severe psychomotor retardation, the contribution from Charitky in the amount of CZK 8,133 will help with a partial financial coverage of a therapy in Klimkovice Spa.

The second child, which Charitky will help with its contribution, is eight-year-old Dan from České Budějovice, who suffers from severe mental retardation caused as a result of cerebral palsy, acoustic impairment and cell-mediated immunity impairment. Dan lives only with his mother from state social support benefits and the contribution in the amount of CZK 1,997 will be used for the purchase of drugs for a treatment of cell-mediated immunity.

This contribution in the total amount of CZK 10,130 can Charitky donate to children thanks to the company ROSSMANN that within the scope of its CSR purchased beautiful Charitky before Christmas.

Our Child Foundation


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