Charitky project responded on Eva’s request for help

Charitky project responded on Eva’s request for help

Eva doesn’t have the good fortune to live and grow in a happy and prosperous family, because she is one of the children who were for different reasons placed in an orphanage. Eva is in the orphanage with her siblings. She is the eldest and that`s why she is used to take care of her younger siblings. In this case, she is really very responsible.

Moreover, Eva is cheerful, 13-year-old, friendly young lady who likes spending her time in a company of her friends with which she talks about everything what girls in her age like and are interested in. In addition, she really likes music, she sings well and also attends zumba classes regularly.

Eva goes to the 7th grade in elementary school. After that she will continue at a high school. However, there will come a day when she ends her studies and she will have to leave the orphanage. It will not be easy for her to stand on her own two feet without help and background of her family. Therefore, an aunt in the orphanage suggested Eva joins a project called ‘Podporuj mě...’ (‘Support me...’).

The main though of this project is a long-term financial backing for a child during its living in an orphanage, these savings will be available after leaving the orphanage and it will ease their first steps in their independent life. A non-profit organisation DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI is a guarantee of an efficient use of the saved amount. Especially long-term supporters are searched for children, they contract to support a child and they save up in the form of monthly payments.

Charitky project in cooperation with Pokorný & Partner company donated Eva 1.810 CZK. This contribution will be deposited into the account of the ‘Podporuj mě...’ project under Eva’s variable symbol and will be paid her off after leaving the orphanage to make her beginning of a new independent life easier.

The total amount of money could be used for example on rent payments, furnishings or financing further studies or it could be paid gradually each month.

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