Thanks to Project Charitky Roman will have got an easier beginning of independent life

Thanks to Project Charitky Roman will have got an easier beginning of independent life

Family and its friendly environment are the most valuable treasures we can give our children. Most of the parents try their best to create for their children such a background in which they can develop and be happy. Parents’ aim is to ensure their kids grow up in peace and surrounded by their relatives, who would always help them and who would be their advisers in difficult life situations.

However, not all children have such luck. Children who had to be placed in orphanages for different reasons are well aware of the difficulties of starting a ´normal´ life after leaving an orphanage and standing on their own two feet without help from their family.

This important step into life is also waiting for Roman, a seventeen-year-old student of a high school of hotel management and services, after finishing his studies. Roman is friendly young man, generous, honourable and with a sense of humour. Furthermore, he is interested in fishing, cycling and football. He is familiar with the fact that it is going to be hard to stand on his own two feet after leaving his orphanage. Therefore, he welcomed the possibility of participating in a project called ‘Podporuj mě...’ (‘Support me...’).

This project is about a long-term financial support of children during their living in orphanages. This donated amount of money will be available for them after leaving an orphanage and it is suppose to make easier their first steps in their new independent life. A non-profit organization DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI is a guarantee of an efficient use of money. Especially long-term supporters are searched for children, they contract to support a child and they save up in the form of monthly payments.

Project Charitky together with the organization DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI donated Roman 1,810 CZK. This financial support will be deposited in a bank account of the Project ‘Podporuj mě’ under Roman's variable symbol and will be given to him after leaving the orphanage to make the beginning of his independent life easier.

The total amount of money could be used for example on rent payments, furnishings or financing further studies or it could be paid gradually each month.

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