A story about Johanka, new shoes and hope

A story about Johanka, new shoes and hope

All parents look forward to the day their child takes its first steps, says first words, dances and runs around happily... As well as a mother of Johanka, today eight-year old girl, did. This image disappeared when she heard from the doctors a horrible information: "Your daughter suffers from cerebral palsy."

Johanka’s mother had to provide Johanka special orthopaedic shoes for safe walking so that Johanka could attend school with other healthy children. Furthermore, she had to hire a professional personal assistant who would accompany Johanka to school.

For buying the orthopaedic shoes and assuring the personal assistant it was necessary to obtain 22.000 CZK. Since the mother of little Johanka is a single parent she didn’t have enough financial means. That’s the reason why she asked a charitable organisation Dobrý skutek for help.

A published request for help Johanka was noticed by Miriam Janyšková, a director of Charitky project. She contacted the charitable organisation Dobrý skutek and gradually addresses companies Orion Oyj, Widex Line and Import Volkswagen Group with a request for participation in a socially responsible project to support the children’s development. Through Charitky the above-mentioned companies donated Johanka 9.070 CZK.

On September, Johanka took in her new orthopaedic shoes and accompanied by her personal assistant her first steps on the road to education.¬¬

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