A good dead for Davídek

A good dead for Davídek

Charitky by virtue of Česká spořitelna contributed to the treatment and rehabilitation of four-year-old Davídek who fights with consequences of cerebral palsy. A financial contribution was handed over through an association Dobrý skutek.

Davídek was born premature in the 7th month of pregnancy together with his brother Martínek. At the beginning Martínek had problems with his heart that were healed, but Davídek had to fight since the beginning with many health complications, especially with cerebral palsy.

Parents with full dedication try to develop Davídek, play with him, teach him new things and provide him with necessary rehabilitations, special tools, stays in spas, etc. Unfortunately, not everything is covered by health insurance and a care of Davídek is not only mentally demanding and time-consuming but also financially challenging.
This year, Davídek has to undergo a difficult surgery of both feet in Motol, because he begins to suffer from fallen feet arches. He will have to relearn to keep balance and walk. It turns out, that the most beneficial to him is a stay in Adeli medical center Piešťany. A good deed for Davídek is to provide a financial help for another healthy stay in Adeli center.

The greatest wish of Davídek’s parents is that one day their son will stand on his own two legs, will be able to play on a playground, go to school, do sports and enjoy life and that he will not be dependent on foreign help.

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