Support for Honzík, Evička, Maksym and Kevin

Support for Honzík, Evička, Maksym and Kevin

Four children from Klokákek in Hostivice will receive a contribution to their interests and hobbies.

Honzík will be 9 years old and he attends third grade. He is very interested in football, he often plays with other boys on the garden or on the playfield. Therefore, the contribution of the amount of CZK 2,200 will be used for paying a football curses and related costs such as the purchase of football shoes, jerseys and a ball.

Evička is one of Honzík’s sisters and she lives with him in Klokánek for more than a year. She is a very skilful, nice and diligent little girl, who attends a first year of an elementary school. She really likes to paint and she is really handy with various handicrafts. Thanks to the contribution from Charitky she will be able to attend art courses, where she will be able to try out different art techniques. Of the contribution it will be possible to purchase for her all requirements for this curse as an easel, paints, brushes and other necessities. Evička is also very gifted with languages and therefore of the total contribution of CZK 3,400 it will be also paid an English course that will be certainly beneficial for her future life.

Another child that will thanks to Charitky and a company Mary Kay receive a contribution is a nine-year-old Maksym. Maks has been already for two years in Klokánek Hostivice. Maksym really likes sport. He has not decided yet what sport he would like most to do later, by enrolling at sport games he will be able to try out different types of sports and then decide which would be the most interesting for him. The contribution of the amount of CZK 3,300 will be used for enrollment fees to the sport club and for purchasing sport clothing, footwear, a ball and a jump rope.

Kevin has recently celebrated his thirteen birthday, and so the contribution from Charitky was one of his birthday gifts. Kevin enjoys to do sport. He has been several times with Klokánek on ski training holidays in the mountains and he liked it very much. In his free time he also attends boxing, where the coach praises him greatly. The contribution in the amount of CZK 1,852 was used for purchasing for him a new outfit that he needs for boxing – gloves, a punching bag, gloves for boxing sparring, a mouth guard and also needed hand wraps.

All these contributions in the total amount of CZK 10,752 could Charitky provide thanks to the company Mary Kay that for an introduction of its penguin Miki’s novelties purchased Charitky, an original promotional item assembled by people with disabilities, of which price is passed 12% on to help children and support of their development.

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