The project "Charitky" attracted me immediately after we were contacted by Mrs. Janyšková.
Offering for companies to be involved in the project, to promote their activities as well as non-profit organization whom they will support in the form of creative promotional item, which is not also expensive and certainly make happy all the donated clients or partners of the company seems to me absolutely brilliant and original idea.

Furthermore, all who receive such a gift will learn about the possibility of promoting a good thing via this form, and so that they can redistribute it and pass on this idea, which is the purpose and mission of Charitky!

I also appreciate that we can offer this form of support to our partners with whom we have already established cooperation, because through Charitky a wider range of people could get acquainted us. A fabulous idea for the non-profit organization itself is also to have “its personal” Charitky and through them support some of its own projects☺.

Charitky supports the same focus group as the civil society organization (CSO) DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI.

The CSO DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI offers a comprehensive support to concrete children and young adults growing in orphanages all over the Czech Republic on their way to self-reliant life. We enable people to support a particular child who interested them and that in such a form which is acceptable to them in terms of both humanity and financing.

The organisation DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI was just founded on August 8, 2011, but currently we have already established cooperation with 19 orphanages in 11 regions of the Czech Republic and our projects include 182 children.

Everybody has an opportunity to find on the website of the organisation in the database such a kid who is interesting somehow. Each project of the organisation has its own specific account. All incomes donated to particular children or in general to accounts of individual projects are 100 percent used on behalf of children enrolled in individual projects. The organisation`s operational account from which all expenses related to the activity of the organisation and to the running of singular projects are paid is kept separately.

Our aim is to help children who did not have a possibility to live in a harmonious family to begin new independent life. Moreover, we offer them wide-ranging help in this difficult stage of their life.

Believe us, these children are worth of it!

Michaela Chovancová
The Founder and President of the Executive Counil of the CSO DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI

Support for Jakub to his beginnings after leaving an orphanage

Kofola – a new partner of Charitky

Benefit evening DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI

Contribution for children from an orphanage to a ticket to adulthood

T-Mobile is a socially responsible company

We support talented singer Zuzka

A donation for Ruda for the development of his musical talent

A donation for Michaela participating in Scholarship program

A significant development of cooperation between Charitky and DEJME DĚTEM ŠANCI o.s. in the year 2012



PHOENIX lékárenský velkoobchod

T-Mobile Czech Republic

Periscope Skandinavie

Pokorny & Partner



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