Linka bezpečí

Linka bezpečí

Another non-profit organization started cooperation with the Charitky project. Services of crisis telephone line are provided on a toll-free telephone number 116 111 for 24 hours a day to children from all over The Czech Republic since 1994.

'Linka bezpečí' (‘Safety line’) have already found its place in general public consciousness and thanks to its quality it also gained respect of professionals. 'Linka bezpečí' (‘Safety line’) helps not only with serious problems but it also engages in everyday problems.

During continuous operation over 100 professional consultants take turns and every day receive almost 700 calls. Every year, 'Linka bezpečí' (‘Safety line’) solves more than 3 000 cases of abuse or battered children and approximately 1 000 calls from children and adolescents with suicidal tendencies. However, the major part of topics is composed of family and peers relations, problems with love, school and many other personal themes.

Charitky and Volkwagen again donated to Linka bezpečí

Charitky and Volkswagen again joined their forces for a good thing


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