The Harmonie Foundation

The Harmonie Foundation

The Harmonie Foundation, member of Sistema Europe, implements the extraordinary social and musical project El Sistema in the Czech Republic, the mission of which is to bring positive change to children´s lives.

Its priority is to give children a chance to develop their skills and abilities, to teach them team work and the joy of music and life thanks to the orchestral music-making and common public performances.

The project is open to all children with a particular focus on socially excluded localities. The children involved in the project show better school results and attendance; their concentration and confidence increases.

El Sistema was initiated by economist, pianist and composer José Antonio Abreu in Venezuela forty years ago, and has inspired similar programs in the US, Canada and over 24 European countries.

The Harmonie Foundation enjoys the patronage of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Its patrons also include Prague Philharmonia and well-known Czech actress Simona Stašová.

Core Principles, Goals and monitored Outcomes:
- Improved life chances of children through high quality music education
- Motivation for personal growth of children, their parents and the whole community
- Participation in an orchestra and practicing together as a way of improving social skills and teaching responsibility
- Improved attitude to learning, self-confidence and self-esteem
- A positive spare-time activity as an avoidance of anti-social behavior, drug abuse, and crime

The Harmonie Foundation joined the project Charitky

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