Klub Hornomlýnská

Klub Hornomlýnská

Our Motto:
A child with disabilities? You will manage it fine with us!
A satisfied child and parents and their happier life are our goal.

We motivate children with disabilities and offer them various forms of therapy as well as friendship. To their parents we offer relief and we help save some of their time.

We have been serving the communities in Prague and the Central Bohemia Region for more than ten years. We provide social services in the form of Personal Assistance and Respite Care. Our Respite Care is the only year-round service of its kind and thus often is our clients’ families’ only choice.

Personal Assistance is provided for children between 3 - 15 years of age with physical, mental and/or combined disabilities as well as for children facing specific developmental delay in learning skills or ADHD. A personal assistant is this child’s support and a friend in everyday situations, be those outside, at home or at school. Further, the personal assistant contributes to the development and advancement of skills and abilities in the foster child. Annually, we serve 50 children with 14 500 hours of Personal Assistance.

Respite Care is a service that helps families deal with constant and demanding care for children with severe disabilities, and avoid crisis situations that may lead to physical and mental exhaustion of parents or other caregivers. In our Filipovka center we use an individual approach to work with each child while employing special didactic and rehabilitation aids. This enables children to undertake various educational, therapeutic or entertaining activities. While their children in the Filipovka Center play, rest or undergo vocational therapy, their parents have time for their own leisure or for arranging personal matters. Respite Care is beneficial for families with children from 2 to 10 years of age. Annually, we serve 39 children with an average of 3 500 hours of Respite Care service.

In September 2013 a fund-raising event will be held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of our organization. The following persons have promised to attend the event: actress and presenter Ester Janečková, The Tap Tap band, and the sponsor of our organization and author of children’s books Ivona Březinová. The event is called "Vidíme to jinak – Šťastný pátek třináctého" (We see it in a different way – Happy Friday the 13th) and will take place on
13 September in the Mother Teresa's Community Center in Prague 11.

A contribution to Ondra to a personal assistant and to little Monička and Honzík to a respite service

We introduce a new Charitky’s partner

Extra hours of care for Monička

Club Hornomlýnská cooperates with Charitky

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