Fond ohrožených dětí (The Fund of Endangered Children)

Fond ohrožených dětí (The Fund of Endangered Children)

One of the most important non-profit organisations newly joined Charitky - Fond ohrožených dětí (The Fund of Endangered Children) with its project Klokánek (The Kangaroo).

To one of the main activities of FOD belongs establishing and functioning of shelters for families with children, searching for help to vulnerable children, mediations of divorce disputes and other actions regarding children, who are neglected, abused, tortured, suffering from domestic violence and other similar problems.

Currently FOD runs 22 regional offices focused on field social work and remediation of families, 4 mediation centres for solving divorce disputes, 5 shelters for families with children and 35 facilities Klokánek for children requiring immediate assistance.

Klokánek is a project of Fond ohrožených dětí, the aim of which is to offer children instead of an institutional care a temporary family care until they could be returned to their family, or until it is found for them a permanent substitute family care.

Support for Honzík, Evička, Maksym and Kevin

A contribution for children from Klokánek

Fond ohrožených dětí – a new partner non-profit organisation

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