Qiido is a patron of gifted pupils.

Qiido, an endowment fund, supports a development of an intellectual potential and social intelligence of intellectually gifted children. A unique model of education and upbringing called “MIND” created by Quiido allows elementary schools to meet the specific educational needs of such students. It consists of 5 pillars and is remarkable in its very comprehensive, holistic view of the given issue:

1. <strong>Identification of the intellect:</strong> an early diagnosis of extraordinary intellect of children

2. <strong>Form and method of teaching:</strong> the emergence of a separate group of gifted pupils of the whole one class year within the scope of teaching the appropriate subject (mathematic, Czech, natural sciences...) incl. material sources (additional textbooks, special tools, worksheets)

3. <strong>Education</strong> and adequate <strong>evaluation of teachers</strong> of this group

4. <strong>Working with parents:</strong> guidance and creation of parental community

5. <strong>Connection and sharing:</strong> exchange of experience with education and upbringing

To achieve this purpose the endowment fund inspires, comprehensively connects and spreads awareness, provides financial, material and other forms of support in this area.

Invitation to a conference Corporate Health Day

Support for the education of intellectually gifted children through Qiido

Charitky as a Buřinky’s New Year Card 2015

Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny

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