Pokorny & Partner

Pokorny & Partner

The company Pokorny & Partner is concerned with consultant activity and support in the meaning of increasing competence and achieving performance.

Consultants of Pokorny & Partner working on all levels of management of companies reach a fast application of development tools and consequently an optimal transfer in practice.

All modules from workshop or training to personal coaching are prepared after a detailed consideration of client requirements directly in field test and thus they are created to concrete conditions and situations. Moreover, there is preferred the systems approach.

Last but not least, the company operates in the area of experiential development which seems as a very appropriate supplement to other techniques in the long term. Therefore, both principles of developing teams and companies and attitudes of their members and employees do not stand aside.

When selecting its consultants Pokorny & Partner emphasises high professional level as well as personal work experience in management, control, human resources, marketing etc.

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