Periscope Skandinavie

Periscope Skandinavie

A travel agency PERISCOPE SKANDINÁVIE s.r.o. is a leader of Czech tour operators offering tours in Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Ireland and Scotland. Moreover, it provides private tours for individuals or groups and sells ferry tickets. The travel agency is on our market more than 20 years.

CK Periscope s.r.o. was established on January 19 1993 and immediately became a so-called ‘Official Ticket Agent’, that means it was an exclusive seller of tickets and tours to the 1994 Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer in Norway. After the Olympics, the company began to specialize in tour-operator activity for travel agencies, groups and individuals in terms of services in the Scandinavia. They provide ferry tickets, air tickets, accommodation and partial or complete packages during realization of tours or individual trips to Scandinavia. Gradually, their range of interest extended to Iceland, the Baltic States, Saint Petersburg, Greenland and Svalbard.

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