Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny

Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny

Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny, a.s., a bank number one on a building society market, belongs to one of the strongest banks on our market– Financial Group of Česká spořitelna.

The main commitment which Buřinka tries to fulfil is: ‘We finance a better home for everyone’. In 2012 Buřinka placed on market new Úvěr od Buřinky (Credit from Buřinka) which should thanks to its simplicity and advantage help to fulfil this message.

Stavební spořitelna České spořitelny (Buřinka) is a strong, flexible and financially healthy bank that guarantees their clients responsibility, assurance and trustworthiness.

Support for the education of intellectually gifted children through Qiido

Charitky as a Buřinky’s New Year Card 2015

Buřinka for the second time supports Charitky program

Charitky together with Buřinka donated to Kapka Naděje

Buřinka joined Charitky project


The Curie Foundation

A foundation fund Kapka naděje

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