Generali Pojišťovna a.s.

Generali Pojišťovna a.s.

Generali Pojišťovna a.s. is a member of Generali PPF Holding B.V. (GPH) that operates in 10 Central and Eastern European countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. GPH’s shareholders are Assicurazioni Generali (holding 76 %) and PPF Group (24 %). GPH has its central head office in the Netherlands, its main operations head office is based in Prague, the Czech Republic.

Generali Pojišťovna a.s. is a universal insurance company with almost 2000 employees and representatives in the whole Czech Republic. Individual approach, high quality life and non-life insurance products created to match client’s needs and perfect service are Generali pojišťovna’s main and important emphases. Broad insurance programs, including personal insurance, property, liability, motor vehicles and industrial and business risks are provided through the company’s own sales force and number of reputable brokerage firms. Generali is thanks to its wide network of branches accessible to customers all over the Czech Republic.

Generali Pojišťovna a.s. belongs to leading companies with a high rate of financial stability. To 31.12.2012 its own capital reached CZK 2.3 billion. Against technical provisions in a total amount CZK 13.8 billion its capital investments reached over CZK 17.8 billion.

To December 31, 2012 Generali Pojišťovna managed almost 1.5 million insurance policies with insurance stock CZK 8.2 billion. In a long-term perspective, in 2012 the company again confirmed its stable economic growth. Total premiums written according to Česká asociace pojišťoven (The Czech Insurance Association) is CZK 8 105.4 million. Geneali with its 6.8% market share is the fourth largest insurance company in the Czech Republic and the third strongest insurance company in the corporate insurance segment.

Generali in Dates
The first Assicurazioni Generali office was established in Prague already in 1832. In 1920 there operated an insurance company Moldavia Generali and in the year 1939 this company merged with another company named Securitas. Generali operated in our country until 1945 when all private insurance companies were nationalized based on decrees of President of the Republic.

In 1993, Generali returned to the Czech Republic as one of the strongest and most reliable insurance companies. Generali is active as a joint-stock company since 1995 when company’s legal status was changed. The organisational unit of international insurance concern Erste Allgemeine Versicherungs-AG was transformed into Generali Pojišťovna a.s.

A very important moment in the company’s modern history was a takeover of Zürich insurance company to January 1, 2003, it mostly mean strengthening position in motor vehicle and other non-life insurance products.

In January 2008, Generali PPF Holding was established; it operates in countries of Central and Eastern Europe, in the Czech Republic Generali Pojišťovna a.s. and Česká pojišťovna a.s. are part of it.

According to an independent assesment of Hospodářské Noviny newspaper from June 2011, which compared a number of different criteria from the clients’ point of view, Generali pojišťovna belongs among the top three most customer friendly insurance companies in the Czech market.

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