ING Životní pojišťovna

ING Životní pojišťovna

It was ING (ING Životní pojišťovna N.V., Czech Republic branch, at the time, Nationale-Nederlanden) that in 1991 was the first foreign company to receive a license to conclude insurance contracts in the Czech Republic after the fall of communism. ING specializes in life insurance and today is among the top providers of this product on the Czech market. ING pojišťovna, a.s., which offers private health insurance has been operating in the Czech Republic since 1998.

What makes ING Pojišťovna one of the market leaders is, above all, its professional, loyal and, especially, its pro-client approach. It provides clients with first-rate
consulting: ING Pojišťovna’s trained financial advisers are always prepared to help clients get oriented in the complex world of finance within the scope of their own finances and to give them all of the necessary information for their confident and simultaneously good decisions.

To meet the needs of its clients, ING Pojišťovna has developed a broad portfolio of
life insurance products. All of these are structured so that the specific coverage can be
adapted to the concrete situation of the client, not just at the time of conclusion, but
also in the course of the coverage period.

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