česká spořitelna

česká spořitelna

A financial group of Česká spořitelna is with its number of over 5.3 million clients the largest bank in the market. This size is logically followed also by responsibility that it feels towards the society in which it operates. Since the beginning, it has been actively involving in public life and a development of the society. Moreover, in the long term it is active in the field of diversity. A program Diversitas is focused on intensive support of equal opportunities and work-life balance for all its employees.

Program Diversitas is composed of these 6 projects:

Gender – Rovné příležitosti (Gender – Equal opportunities), Bez bariér (Without Barriers), Grant – Flexi kancelář (Grant – Flexi office), Čáp (Stork), Moudrá sova (Wise owl), Zdravá ČS (Healthy ČS)

Within each particular project Česká spořitelna provides appropriate conditions for returning parents from their maternity or parental leave, helps group of people with physical disabilities and other disadvantaged groups of employees, supports harmonisation of personal and professional life and equality between number of men and women in managerial positions and at the same time opens an intergenerational dialogue in ČS. Diversity is an essential part of company’s strategy.

Since 2000, Česká spořitelna has been a member of Erste Group, one of the leading financial services providers in the Central and Eastern Europe with 16.6 million clients in seven countries, most of which are members of the European Union. In July 2001, Česká spořitelna successfully finished its transformation that focused on improving all key components of the bank. Česká spořitelna continues with improving their products and services and streamlining work processes.

Česká spořitelna is modern bank focused on retail clients, small and medium sized companies and on towns and villages. It also has an irreplaceable role in the financing of large corporations and providing services in financial markets. In the Czech capital market Česká spořitelna belongs to important securities dealers.

A good dead for Davídek

We welcome a new partner: Česká spořitelna with a program Diversitas

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