Mary Kay

Mary Kay

Only a few companies can boast of such a rich heritage as Mary Kay.

With a desire to enrich lives of women and with a sense for business Mary Kay Ash built her dream company that has become a model for others.

Mary Kay® products are sold in more than 35 countries worldwide with a total annual turnover of $ 3 billion, the total number of independent Beauty Consultants has exceeded 3,000,000. More than fifty years ago, Mary Kay Ash established a company Mary Kay Cosmetics. To this day, the company Mary Kay honours the heritage of Mary Kay Ash – inspires, enriches and motivates women to accomplish great things.

Mary Kay products are known for their innovative skin care, charming colours, pampering body care and delivering exceptional results. Independent Beauty Consultants help women to discover their individual beauty through tailor-made first-class products and services, create permanent long-term relationships.

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