Kofola, a traditional Czech company, does honest and responsible business every day. Production, agreement with business partners, purchase of our products by consumers and the work of employees – these are the values the Kofola company appreciates the most.

In 2013 the Kofola company celebrated 20th anniversary of its existence in market. Its founders are Samaras family, members of which have their roots in Greece. Originally there was just one table made of palettes but later on the Kofola company became one of the most important companies focused on non-alcoholic drinks in central Europe.

Kofola functions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Russia. There are seven factories, two of which are in the Czech Republic, one in Slovakia, three in Poland and one in Russia. And it employs 2000 people.

Besides the traditional Czechoslovak Kofola drink, the portfolio also contains another 18 brands of various drinks, for example spring water Rajec, Jupí syrups or Vinea the fruit drink with grape juice.

Everyday function of the Kofola company is connected with its mission: enthusiastic striving for things that are really important – love, healthy lifestyle and looking for new ways.

By 2017 there is the vision of Kofola to become the Czechoslovak number one in gastronomy and impulse, to hold the position in retail and to offer our drinks in a more healthy form. We are going to keep making our products with love and care.

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