AS 24

AS 24

Newly, a company AS24, a subsidiary of TOTAL CZECH REPUBLIC, joined Charitky. This supplier of oils and fuels is a part of the fifth largest oil company in the world.

The main activities of the company are trade in automotive oils under the brands TOTAL and ELF, then trade in industrial greases, fuels, special fluids and aviation fuels at airports in Prague and Karlovy Vary. Trade with asphalt is realized also through its own production and asphalt warehouses in Kouřim.

AS24 is directly specialized in the distribution of fuels for professional use, it has its own network of stations StartFragment intended for trucks.

A contribution to Ondra to a personal assistant and to little Monička and Honzík to a respite service

We introduce a new Charitky’s partner

Klub Hornomlýnská

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